Hedging Cedars

Large Emerald Cedars Thuja occ. 'Smaragd'  Emerald cedars are the most popular hedging cedars grown and planted in the landscape around the Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Kamloops , Fraser Valley to Whistler. B.C.  Z 4 - 10.  Compact pyramid form which keeps its beautiful emerald green color throughout the year. Height to 25' medium growth rate.  Emerald cedars are used by landscapers and homeowners to create privacy hedges which require little maintenance.

Fast Growing Ornamental Western Red Cedar 'Excelsa' Thuja plicata 'Excelsa' Cedar. Ornamental version of the Western Red Cedar but not as large and it will keep its dense compact evergreen branching even at the ground level. Zone 5-9 'Excelsa' is ideal for hedging larger properties and will require a little more maintenance due to its rapid growth rate.  This cedar can be planted on the edges of woodland lots to create privacy due to the natural trees growing that have lost their lower branching and foliage.  Height to 40

Thuja occ. 'Smaragd' Emerald Cedar

Emerald Cedar

Thuja occ 'Yellow Ribbon'

Yellow Ribbon Cedar

Emerald Hedging Cedars

Emerald Cedar

Excelsa Cedar

Thuja plicata 'Zebrina' Cedar

Zebrina Excelsa Cedar

Thuja pli. Emerald Giant

Emerald Giant Cedar

Yellow Ribbon Cedar Thuja occ. 'Yellow Ribbon' Bright yellow compact growing cedar. It will keep its bright color if planted in full sun, but will show more green color if planted in shade. Very good for hedging.  Medium growth rate Height to 20' Zone 5-9 

Zebrina Excelsa Cedar Thuja plicata Zebrina Foliage is stripped green and yellow which gives it a very interesting appearance. Very fast growing cedar to a height of 45' with a looser branching habit than other ornamental red cedars, not really suited for hedging. Zone 4-9 

Emerald Giant Cedar Thuja plicata 'Emerald Giant' Very fast growing cedar to a height of 45' Denser branching than Excelsa and it is known to be deer resistant Zone 5-9​

Cupressus leylandii Leyland Cypress 

Very fast growing, dense upright evergreen, with flat sprays of dark green blueish gray tinged foliage. Leyland Cypress can grow between 3' - 5' per year, depending where it is planted. Grows up to 70' + in zones 6 - 9 Quite drought tolerant & deer resistant. Plant in full sun to partial shade. Uses: Mass planted for privacy hedge, but requires heavy trimming in late winter to keep the hedge at the height you choose. 

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