The Gathering Of The Leaves

Image Under The Moon Beams

by John Atkinson Grimshaw

​The November Mists

Image Taste The Rain

by Anna Gillespie


Time of the Cherry Blossom

Remembrance Day​

Lest We Forget​

Image by Phillipe Sainte-Laudy

Why Fall Is A Great Time For Planting Trees And Shrubs

A Wind Beaten Tree

Vincent van Gogh

Viva la Autumn

On The Saco

By Albert Bierstadt

Evergreen Hedging Plants

Plant Nursery, Metro Vancouver. Hedging Cedars Vancouver & BC. Field Grown & Container Grown Emerald Cedars, Western Red Excelsa Cedars, Taxus Yew Tree, English laurel, Portuguese Laurel, Specimen Japanese Maples & Shade Trees. 


Japanese Garden

Japanese Torii Gate Entrance into the Japanese Gardens within the Butchart Gardens Victoria. BC.

Japanese Maple Tree